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We help brands create beautiful videos & photography to tell their original story to the world. 

We craft your timeless story like the ancient forests have done for centuries.

Old Growth Media is here to grow your story from the ground up. Our name originates from the massive and endangered old growth forests around us. We help you to craft your timeless story through film and photo.

Film & Photography

Forever moments in the making, from journeys abroad. This is our gallery of stories and moments told by film + photos.

Tristan Hinder

I’m Tristan – a visual artist located on the cold Canadian coast. Born and raised in British Columbia currently living on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Ucluelet/Tofino area. As a visual artist I love to tell stories behind the lens.

Current projects include Finding Solitude, an environmental film about saving Vancouver Island’s alpine, glaciers, and forests. (read more about the project:, and many other film & photography assignments. I enjoy capturing people in the outdoors, landscapes that show the power of mother nature, and photos that enlighten me and others to get out and explore more. Old Growth Media is just that, a combination of my finest art and passions to tell your brands story.

If I’m not shooting I’m out exploring and playing in the alpine, one of my favourite parts about where I live is the ability to go from sea to sky in a matter of a few hours.

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We’re here to tell the roots of your story from the ground up.

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